Great Message about Childhood Abuse from Tyler Perry!

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OMGoodness... Just saw this play on DVD with my 13 year old daughter and we loved it! Thanks for encouraging children to "Speak Out" until someone listens! The wonderful message of Breaking the Cycle of Violence was so well presented... It was BRILLIANT! I laughed and cried all within the same 5...more

Woody Allen "disrupts your foundation in the world"

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I’m sure by now most of us have had the unfortunate opportunity to watch, hear or read that Wood Allen received the Cecil B DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award during the Golden Globes…  Now that any of us who are married to a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, or who have family or friends that are survivors, have finally stopped vomiting, our disgust & disbelief is now during to anger…

So here are my rambling thoughts…

What were they thinking?  To award a known pedophile with such a very public award like this?

Mom, dad planned child sex abuse before kids were born

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This is probably one of the most sick real life events that I have encountered, but I had to include it here because most people cannot imagine this sort of stuff going on!  Many friends, family, neighbors and maybe even you at one point or another had a hard time realizing what the survivor was saying.  Many disbelieve because we want to think the best in people.  But as the Allies to Healing book states, one of the first steps to helping a survivor is to acknowledge that this even happens in the first place!  So here it is...


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